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In Depth Keyword Research

We go in depth into what types of keywords your target market is searching for. We don’t just run a couple of searches, see what looks good, and then focus on that. What we do, is we dig deep and ferret out the searches that people are actually searching for that show buying intent. Yes, we want exposure, but we also want searches that are showing buyer intent, otherwise, it’s not going to be as effective as it could be.

Many of the super targeted keywords are actually lower search volume, but combined, often make up half of the amount of searches in any particular space.

We take the time to find these searches and then go for them, so that each campaign is effective.

Website Building

When we build a website, we build it right. We build sites through WordPress because it make sense. It’s built to be easily understood by the search engines and easily customizable, so that no matter what your site is, you can have it be SEO-friendly.

The great thing about our websites is that when we build them, we build them fully optimized to begin with.

Onsite Optimization—the Foundation

Think of onsite optimization as the foundation of your successful SEO campaign. If your foundation isn’t good, the whole structure falls apart. If your site has great links coming to it, but Google and the other Search Engines can’t understand your site, it’s going to be much harder for your site to get credit for those good links.

There are several things that go into making your site readable by the search engines, and if you’d like more information on how this is done, check out our video on it here.

Offpage SEO—Getting You Links

This is where the bulk of SEO comes in. Keywords guide us what to target; Onsite Optimization makes it possible for the search engines, like Google, to understand your site and give it credit; Offsite Optimization is where we get relevant, trusted, and helpful links to your site so that your site can be found.

We’ve got a video on this that goes more in depth into what exactly offsite SEO is.

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