Onsite optimization

Find out out to stop a potential leads disaster

Onsite Optimization: Find Out How To Stop A Potential Leads Disaster

There are a lot of factors when it comes to onsite optimization. We like to keep it simple and focus on what’s most important for your contracting site. Because–let’s face it—in any given situation, there are going to be somethings that pack a way stronger punch than other things. And it’s those things that we want to focus on, especially because your site should be a lead gen magnet.

I’ve seen a lot of guys where they say something to the effect of “I have a website because you, know, you’re supposed to have one, but it doesn’t do anything for me.” Or “My website is kind of like a billboard.”

But the problem with statements like these is that they don’t grasp the full power of what a website can be. See, your website should be and can be so much more. It should be a place where you showcase your professionalism and your skills, a place where you show your customers that they’ll be taken care of. And it should be a place where your customers come to you, actively looking for your services.

Unlike a billboard, you can target who actually sees your site—and this is where the real power of SEO comes in.

The truth is–there are people looking for your contracting services right now.
Here’s what to do:

First thing is keyword research. If you need help with keyword research you contact me here or you can learn how to do it here. I’m not going to put this in the number sequence, but without knowing what keywords are driving traffic, you’re driving blind.

Here’s what Google is really looking for when ranking your site.

Be sure to watch the video below to maximize SEO results from the very start.


I’ve got a whole video describing what is a good domain name that you can check out here. The domain name is the number one most important thing in terms of on-page SEO. If you’re familiar with SEO you probably know that age plays a factor, so you can get a new domain with the right keyword(s) in it, and 301 your old domain to your new one. If you need help, let me know.

02. URLs

My domain name is “contractorseospartan.com” and the URL to this page is “contractorseospartan.com/on-page-optimization.” In general, the higher up in the URL structure, the more important the page is. So .com/on-page/contractors/region/how-to/seo-for-contractors isn’t going to be as important as simply .com/on-page-optimization. But you want to get a keyword or keywords here in your URLs.

Now, don’t go crazy on this and make it look unnatural or spammy. The general rule is the shorter the keyword (how many words are in the search) the more you can repeat it without getting over-optimized. The longer the keyword, the less you can repeat the keyword.

03. Titles

Now, your site title is actually super important and I put it up higher on the list, so keep that in mind, but for your page titles, this is where they go in order of importance. Get your keywords in here as well. But make it look natural and have it be a title someone would actually want to read. Just repeating your keywords every time looks bad.

Don’t do duplicate titles across your site.

04. HTags

HTags are Header Tags. They’re basically like subtitles on your page.

As a general rule have one H1 on each of your pages.

Depending on how much content you have, you can have two H2s (think in the thousands of words).
I don’t typically go below H3s because below an H3 I haven’t seen that they help much. You can have multiple H3s on each page.

Get your keywords in these places. Make it look natural and not spammy. And vary how you say the keywords, and you’ll see an improvement.

05. Content

Yes, content is important. It’s what gives your readers context into what you can offer and provide. It also helps with SEO. However, and that’s a big however, it is the least important in terms of ranking factors.

Why? Because it’s the easiest to manipulate. And Google knows it. Google and other search engines know how easy it is to put your most valuable keywords in the content (both written and image alt text) and so they want reward rankings as readily as they would if the keywords are found in the URL and titles. Those are there to stay; content can be changed on a whim.

a domain name

Purchasing your domain only takes moments. But this one decision will affect your business for years to come. Have your chosen correctly?

I’ll  teach you how to pick a domain name that actually helps your SEO.

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